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BlockTalk – Connected Communities

The Brief

To create a networked object that allowed a retiree to continue working.  The object was to encourage a physical aka non-computer based interaction to allow ease of use by the operator. Block was designed for a retiree with a 35 year history working for their local Planning Office.

BlockTalk builds on the conventional planning permission process by given access to anyone wishing to augment a planning application via Blocktalk audio message system. Blocktalk is situated outside properties where permission is pending. A alphanumeric LED display provides simple ‘how to’ instructions. The user can then verbally record their message.

BlockTalk is one small step to opening up internal local government processes while given new life to the data that is generated. User testing BlockTalk revealed that it’s presence provided a channel for local residents to also share rich stories of the history of that area and offer insightful supporting information.

Video Coming Soon.