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How to Increase Student Engagement

Students face many difficulties during the 4 or so years that they spend at university. My year as an elected Student Representative (Vice President of Communications at Dundee University Students Association) gave me huge insight into the governance of a large university. One of the seldom realised issues facing students, is the large discrepancy between Generation X and Generation Y. Generation X sit as directors and policy writers. They have the skills, knowledge and experience to make things happen.

Generation Y, my generation, born in the 90’s are impacted by these decisions and are the  target market for many university services and publications e.g E-Learning technologies and Student Guides. As a result, a lot of media that is ‘designed’ for students is irrelevant, uninteresting and often not fit for purpose.

I directed, shot and edited a number of videos with only the Dundee student in mind. The videos were an experiment in marketing and information dissemination within a university.

The first video described the merits of using the relatively unknown and unused mobile version of the Blackboard Academic Suite. The second video was made using actual students on campus to encourage a good voting turnout for the annual student representative elections.

Both were featured on a hosted on a number of different channels and were seem by 1/5 of the total student population.