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Paper Electronics

Paper electronics and conductive ink can create low cost products that sense human touch, proximity, moisture and even provide feedback via LED’s or sound.

Paper Electronics with Conductive Ink 

A proof of concept demonstration exhibiting how carbon based conductive ink’s resistive properties can be exploited to read 3 different values from a screen printed card through a microcontroller.

The use of conductive ink isn’t limited to paper. Clothes can be turned into the switches, walls can be made to detect human presence and the human body can be turned into one large instrument as can be seen in the Calvin Harris Video below.

Humanthesizer credit: Bare Conductive and Cargocollective.

Paper Electronics from Navid Gornall on Vimeo.

The team are using Ardunio’s to sense changes in capacitance using Bare Conductive as the conductor.

Humanthesizer from Green Hornet on Vimeo.