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SIARA – The Internet of Sonic Things

SIARA from Navid Gornall on Vimeo.

Siara allows the user to take the sound of a place they love and broadcast it to their computer, iphone or Hi-Fi system anywhere in the world. It has been crafted in a form that allows a normal, non-technically inclined user to connect to a familiar auditory experience with one button press.

Siara was created out of a desire to find and appreciate silence, the source of peace and feelings of well-being in people and an increasingly rare commodity in the western world. We have become accustomed to the constant drone and crash of undesirable noise that affects our mental and physiological condition. Everyone can appreciate silence, yet each individual’s idea differs as to what silence is. For one person, silence is a sufficiently low noise floor that allows them to hear the birds chirping in the trees in their own back garden. For another, it’s the distant sound of a busy road without any crowd noise, or it could be a constant ringing sound (tinnitus).

How it works
Step one:
Place the mic in the garden, seashore, forest or any environment of interest

Step two:
Press the button on the mic. This automatically starts the sound streaming via the internet to your internet radio station. The red ‘Siara’ sign on the box lights up just like the ‘ON AIR’ sign in a radio studio, you are now streaming sound to your own internet radio station.

Step three:
Tune in from anywhere in the world using your iPhone, iTunes, Sonos system or internet radio compatible device. The station call sign is on the business card that came with the box if you are a bit technical this is the URL of the internet ‘station’.

Step four:
Is optional, share the station call sign with your friends using twitter, text messages or email.

The SIARA radio stream can be accessed from any device that can accept a standard Shoutcast stream. Pictured is Les listening via his Sonos multi-room audio system.

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