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The Country Roads Driving Challenge

Targeted Road Safely Campaign – Road Safety Scotland

The Country Roads Driving Challenge was a 6 week campaign that I toured with as an Event Manager around dozens of Scottish cities, towns and villages.

3 out of 4 fatalities happen on country roads. Statistics from Road Safety Scotland 2011

Building on the Road Safety Scotland cinema and TV advertisement this campaign featured a 55 inch touch screen with a simple driving game built in Adobe Flash. A target market of 17-21 males were invited to play the game, which was unbeatable by design. This group is targeted as research shows that they are more likely to consider driving as a social activity and will often be driving with friends. The player (driver) is distracted by someone standing behind them (backseat passenger). As the passenger attempts to awkwardly show off their new mobile phone to the driver this distraction is enough to throw off the driver causing a virtual crash. At this point the game is fully explained to them and the slogan “One distraction is all it takes” closes the interaction.

Another game was targeted at 22-40 age grouup based on the insight that they have a more experience driving on country roads which leads to complacency and over confidence through familiarity. This false sense of security leads to accidents.